All Natural Chicken Breasts


Weight 8.80 lbs

All Natural Chicken Breasts

All Natural Chicken Breasts | ~5.5on. X 25 about | 8.8 lbs

100% All Natural, Boneless, and Skinless Alberta Raised Chicken makes it a best seller for 7+ years in a row!

Hormone-Free and Steroid-Free! Grain-fed free-run chickens from a local farm.  No soy, no pump means no seasoning, unlike what you usually get at the grocery store. 

Perfect on the BBQ with some lightly coated oil and a few spices or for your favourite stirfry,  chicken burgers, fajitas, salad toppers, wraps.

View Recipes:

  1. Bow River Greek Chicken Kebabs 
  2. Bow River Butter Chicken – Chicken Makhani

Convenient packaging: Easy portions of two breasts are vacuumed and sealed, guaranteeing freshness. Un-freeze in your fridge and cook as you wish.


TF product code 117.001

Profit margin: 20.00%