9 lbs Medium Thick Bacon


Weight 10.00 lbs

9 lbs Medium Thick Bacon

Smell that? It's our best selling 100% Canadian Bacon that's popular in every household. Great flavour profile and customer favourite.  BEAT grocery store pricing when you buy!

Wake up to the smell of crispy, thick and flavorful bacon! With this large box, you'll have enough for about 6 weeks, so stock up!

Naturally smoked for a delectable flavour and aroma, this country-style bacon is cut into generous thick slices. 

Very versatile for breakfast + lunch sandwiches while the deep smoky flavour is perfect for crumbling on soups or adding to salads and sides.  

Portioned in vacuumed sealed packages of 1.1 lbs or approx. 14-16 slices.  8 packs total. 

Made in Canada.

PC: 117.009

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