8 lbs Pacific White Shrimp 21/25


Weight 8.00 lbs

8 lbs Pacific White Shrimp 21/25

Pacific White Shrimp | Frozen | 8 pounds

Pacific white shrimps arrive frozen in bags of 2 pounds each. They are peeled and deveined with tails on.

Pacific white shrimp is firm, sweet, and mild and is among the most widely cultivated shrimp globally.

There are so many ways to cook shrimp! Read our recipe for Linguini with Tarragon Shrimp.

  • Sauteed in a pan with some butter and garlic and topped with chives
  • On a skewer for an add-on to a BBQ or on top of your steak!
  • Ideal for salads and replacement for fish
  • Make a ceviche with them or a shrimp cocktail.
  • Wrap with bacon and BBQ them
  • Add them to a curry or shrimp tacos!
  • Try making Jambalaya with sausages and rice...! 
  • Add them to a creamy or tomato-based pasta recipe! Alfredo is my go-to and guilty pleasure! 

Convenient in 4 bags of 2 lbs each! The ideal topper for a steak, salad, fajitas or ceviche!

These are perfect for busy people who want a source of protein.

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