5 lbs Striploin Steaks


Weight 5.00 lbs

5 lbs Striploin Steaks

Striploin Steaks | 5 lbs | About 10

5 lbs box! Noted for their flavour, these NY Striploin Steaks cut from AAA Alberta Grass-Fed Beef and aged a minimum of 21 days.  

This Striploin is marbled with fine white streaks of fat that keep it tender during cooking. These mouthwatering steaks are a popular choice for those who like a leaner steak—ideal on the outdoor BBQ grill for maximum flavour.

Add a pinch of rock salt during cooking or your favourite spices and B-A-M! You've got a winner!

Each steak is about 8 oz on average, portioned by two, then vacuumed sealed to guarantee freshness.  10 steaks/box. Arrives Frozen in a Box in packs of 2's. Defrost in your fridge overnight. 

Approximately 10 steaks/box.  Check out our 10 lbs option for better value.

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Profit margin: 20.00%