5 lbs Lean Stir Fry Strips


Weight 5.00 lbs

5 lbs Lean Stir Fry Strips

StirFry Strips | 5 x 1 lb. | Frozen

Popular stock-up items for those in a hurry. Thin pre-cut strips of beef ready for a stirfry, fajitas, and steak sandwiches or subs.

Perfect on a weeknight when you want some protein to your meal, add your favorite veggies and sauce so you can enjoy a healthy dinner in 20 minutes. Best when topped on top of fluffy jasmine rice. 

Quick and easy dinner prep with these tender stir fry strips. Cut from AA or higher grade.

1 lb portions are vacuumed sealed to guarantee freshness. 5lbs. Frozen. Competitively priced.

TF product code 117.008

Profit margin: 20.00%