36 GF Beef Burgers


Weight 11.00 lbs

36 GF Beef Burgers

Who’s on the grill?   Juicy Thick Alberta Beef Burgers!  New as of June 2020: They are Gluten Free! So everyone on your list can eat them safely!

At 6 ounces for each pattie, they will fill even the hungriest and your uncle Bob!  Appetizing + Juicy!

We like to add a few spice blends to them for extra flavor at home on the BBQ. Such an easy meal that kids and parents can enjoy together during the week or on the weekend with amongst friends and family with some cold beverages.

Excellent quality product with great reviews. A total of 36 Gluten Free Beef Burgers, 100% Alberta Beef and no fillers! 11 lbs in all.

These are crowd pleasers!  Packs of 6 and easy to thaw.

PC: 117.006