18 Lean GF Bison Burgers

18 Lean GF Bison Burgers

18 Burgers | Bison/Beef | 6 ounces

Bison Burgers are in high demand this season! For the simple reason that people are open to trying new things! Get yours to bring to your next BBQ or at home for the family! 

A perfect burger blend made up of 80% lean Alberta Bison and 20% Alberta Beef to ensure your burger is juicy, moist and bursting with flavour.  6 ounces makes a perfect size for hungry guests.

Ever tried one before? Here is your chance to try something new and something delicious! 18 burgers in packs of 6 that can be cooked from frozen.

Gluten-free. No Additives.  We like to add a few spices when cooking home for even more flavour

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Profit margin: 20.00%