14 x 6 AA-AAA Bacon Tenderloins


Weight 6.00 lbs

14 x 6 AA-AAA Bacon Tenderloins

14 X 6 oz. 2" Thick

Simply the best tasting, most tender and lean steak you can find!

Did someone say bacon-wrapped tenderloin!?  Yes, that's us, and you won't be disappointed one bit.

These high-quality, AA-AAA Alberta Grass-Fed Beef Tenderloins are here to please and have been a best seller for years on the TeamFund platform! 

Aged a minimum of 21 days and hand wrapped in bacon!  Juicy, tender and always a hit. 

Cook them on the BBQ or in a cast iron pan! Sear them on the outside and then finish them in the oven at 300 degrees for 5 minutes! [Melt in your mouth]

This is an exceptional product that won't let you down.

Each steak averages 6 oz, is portioned by two, then vacuumed sealed to guarantee freshness. Approximately 14 steaks/box

TF product code 117.016

Profit margin: 20.00%

$265.00 $250.00