10 lbs AAA NY Striploin Steaks


Weight 10.00 lbs

10 lbs AAA NY Striploin Steaks

AAA Striploin Steaks | ~ 20 X 8on. | Packs of 2's

Noted for their flavor, these NY Striploin Steaks are cut from AAA Alberta Grass-Fed Beef and aged at least 21 days.  

This Striploin is marbled with fine white streaks of fat that keep it tender during cooking. These mouthwatering steaks are popular for those who like a leaner steak—ideal on the outdoor BBQ grill for maximum flavour.

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Add a pinch of rock salt or your favourite spices and B-A-M during cooking! You've got a winner!

Each steak is about 8 oz on average, portioned by two, then vacuumed and sealed to guarantee freshness.  Arrives Frozen in a Box in packs of 2's. Simply defrost in your fridge overnight. 

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