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"The best part besides raising more than we have in the past, is not having to handle any order forms or payments! Saved us over a dozen hours and errors! "  Janice, School Fundraising Coordinator. Calgary


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Fill Your Freezer Fundraiser

The "Fill your Freezer Fundraiser" is popular, profitable and an easy choice!

Stock up and fill your freezer with amazing Canadian products that are locally sourced from Gordon Food Service.* Enjoy restaurant quality meats, sausages, cheese boxes, pies and more. Products may vary from season to season.

Vegetarian and Gluten Free Options. 

Useful household staples make it an easy sell for buyers to support this cause. An average of 20% from each sale goes back to support your fundraiser.

Want to raise $3000? Sell an average of 150 items. That's 10 items for each player on a team (based on 15 players) 100% Acheivable with TeamFund.

The list of products may come and go at various times, but you will always have best selling items like meats and staples like perogies, cheese and more!

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*Depending on product and availability
**Minimum order of 50 items required to avoid a $50 surcharge