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"The best part besides raising more than we have in the past, is not having to handle any order forms or payments! Saved us over a dozen hours and errors! 

Janice, School Fundraising Coordinator. Calgary

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Meat Fundraiser

It's Grilling time!  Earn funds with a best selling Meat Fundraiser! Ideal for Spring coming right up!

Sell boxes of steaks, chicken, bacon, burgers and more at competitive pricing and earn 20% from all sales!  Profits add up quicly.

It's a win-win: supporters get a product they can use and you earn profits for your cause.

Meat Fundraising is profitbale and TeamFund's made it easy to sell online to friends + family. There is a reason why thousands of groups come to us twice a year to raise funds effectively! 

Whatever your reason or season! Our Fundraisers raise more in 3 weeks and won't burden volunteers.

Tell us your goal and we can help you plan >> >Download our Fundraising Package now.

Want to raise $3000?  That's 10 items for each player on a team (based on 15 players) 100% achievable with TeamFund. Don't wait, sign up today.

Sign up to secure your prefered delivery date and time slot. (6 days a week. 10-5:30pm. Excluding Sundays) **Minimum order of 50 items required to avoid a $50 surcharge

> Committee meeting? Want to see how much you can raise? Download a Fundraising Package