"By far, the easiest fundraiser we've ever had!" 

Erin, Knights Hockey July 2020

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The Bacon Fundraiser

$15 Profits per box sold + beat grocery store pricing! >>>>Download the Bacon Sheet Sheet here!<<<

The Bacon Fundraiser is back + here to stay due to popular demand!  This product is hit. It's tasty, easy to sell and you can beat the grocery store prices. Who doesn't love bacon?

Gluten Free + Free from Antibiotcs. Each box includes 11 pounds of medium thick, fresh and delicious uncooked farmers cut bacon, that is divided into 2 separate bags. 

Simply go home, repack them in other freezer bags and use all year long. (Or just a few months...!)

Looking to raise $2400 for your team? Have each family sell 10 boxes each, you'll meet your goal. (Based on 16 families)  Who's hungry?  

Sign up to secure your prefered delivery date and time slot. (6 days a week. 10-5:30pm. Excluding Sundays) **Minimum order of 50 items required to avoid a $50 surcharge

> Committee meeting? Want to see how much you can raise? Download a Fundraising Package