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"The best part besides raising more than we have in the past, is not having to handle any order forms or payments! Saved us over a dozen hours and errors! 

Janice, School Fundraising Coordinator. Calgary

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BBQ Meat Fundraiser

BBQ season is ON! Raise funds for your cause fast with a profitable Gordon Food Service Meat Fundraiser!

Earn an average of 22% profits for your cause with Canadian meats that are locally sourced.* Restaurant quality AAA Alberta Beef, chicken, pork and Spolumbos Sausages! An easy and tasty way to earn quick funds online for your cause.

Everyone's favourite fundraiser is here. Meat Fundraising with convenient packaging and offering great profits you can taste!

Want to raise $3000? Sell an average of 150 items. That's 10 items for each player on a team (based on 15 players) 100% Achievable with TeamFund.

Sign up to secure your preferred delivery date and time slot. (6 days a week. 10-5:30pm. Excluding Sundays)

*Depending on product and availability
**Minimum order of 50 items required to avoid a $50 surcharge