Customer Testimonial

"The best part besides raising more than we have in the past, is not having to handle any order forms or payments! Saved us over a dozen hours and errors! 

Janice, School Fundraising Coordinator. Calgary

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Simple Simons Pies, Soups and Meals

Soups, Pies and Meals! That's right. Simple Simons wants to help you raise funds with their delicious and locally made pies, soups and meals.

Earn profits quickly with 22% of all sales going towards your cause!  Can't decide which box of pies to stock up on?  No problem! Stock up on vouchers that can be redeemed at any Farmers market in Calgary. Plus they never expire! 

Sign up to secure your prefered delivery date and time slot. (6 days a week. 10-5:30pm. Excluding Sundays) **Minimum order of 50 items required to avoid a $50 surcharge

> Committee meeting? Want to see how much you can raise? Download a Fundraising Package