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Longview Jerky

Longview Jerky is a delicious add on for any fundraiser! This perfect protein packed power snack is gluten free and will energize every adventure. Keep on hand for camping, hiking, sports events - even a quick snack on the road. Longview jerky is made from 100% Alberta beef, is Gluten Free and is a local favourite time after time.

22% from all sales goes to support your fundraiser. 

Want to raise over $1000? Sell an average of 150 items. That's 10 items for each player on a team (based on 15 players) 100% achievable with TeamFund.

Sign up to secure your preferred delivery date and time slot. (6 days a week. 10-5:30pm. Excluding Sundays)

*Minimum order of 50 items required to avoid a $50 surcharge