"By far, the easiest fundraiser we've ever had!" 

Erin, Knights Hockey July 2020

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The Bacon Fundraiser

Who want a  Box of Fresh Bacon?! $15 Profits per box sold + beat grocery store pricing! 

The Bacon Fundraiser is back + here to stay due to popular demand!  This product is hit. It's tasty, easy to sell and you can beat the grocery store prices. Who doesn't love bacon?

Gluten Free + Free from Antibiotcs. Each box includes 11 pounds of medium thick, fresh and delicious uncooked farmers cut bacon, that is divided into 2 separate bags. $15 in profit per order will go towards your cause!

Simply go home, repack them in other freezer bags and use all year long. (Or just a few months...!)

Looking to raise $2400 for your team? Have each family sell 10 boxes each, you'll meet your goal. (Based on 16 families)  Who's hungry?  

>>>>Download the Bacon Sheet Sheet here!<<<

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